Cognitive Radio Technologies:
Services and Software for Intelligent Wireless Networks

In order to develop our cognitive radio applications, CRT has been compelled to
stay on top of all emerging wireless standards. When customers are interested,
we distill our months of effort  tracking standards into a customized 1 or 2-day
tutorial that covers the gamut of the wireless market or focuses on implementation
and theoretical details of specific standards.

Topics covered by CRT in past tutorials at IDGA, NISTIC, and others include:
  • Cellular standards (3GPP/3GPP2, iDEN, cdma2000, LTE, UMB, TD-SCDMA)
  • Wireless LAN standards (802.11 a/b/g/n, fast roaming, mesh, 802.11y,
    vertical handoffs)
  • Wireless PAN standards (Zigbee, WiMedia, Bluetooth, WiBree, Wireless
  • WiMAX (fixed, mobile, WiBro, Mobile Multi-hop Relay, 802.16m)
  • Satellite deployments (Iridium, GlobalStar, INMARSAT)
  • More focused standards (802.20, 802.22, DECT)
  • Underlying communications theory of emerging standards (OFDM, MIMO,
    Antenna Array Systems)

Recognizing that different companies have different backgrounds, we tailor each
tutorial to the specific needs of each customer. For example, we altered the
following topic list to produce for SRC a more focused 2-day tutorial which had the
following outline.

More information about the tutorials and engineering services offered by CRT is
available on our
Services page.
What's the difference between 802.11p, 802.11r, and   
802.11s? What's 802.16m and how does it relate to LTE
and UMB? What will be enabled by 802.22? "Wi" are there
separate standards for WiBro, WiMAX, WiBree, and WiFi?

The number of wireless standards has exploded this
decade and just staying abreast of all of them is a full time
Wireless Overview Tutorial