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The blog is being updated.


Wireless + Game Theory Contractor Position

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I just got a call from a headhunter looking for someone who could remotely work on a 5-month long project related to wireless and game theory (which I figure means cognitive radio) for 40 hrs / wk. I can


CogNeA Updates

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(link) CogNeA is pushing their standard into ECMA.

CogNeA contributed its specification to Ecma


Quick Links 3/13/09 [Update]

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ECWS Presentations from 802 Plenary

While I wasn


Quick Links 3/6/9

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Conferences and Contests

(link) The SDRF sends a reminder that abstracts are due March 20.

(link) The 3rd annual Smart Radio Challenge is now open.

(link) 12th Annual Conference on


Wi Not WiFi on Steroids?

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Though the term


DoD Implicitly Requiring Policy-Based DSA on SDRs?

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I attended a talk by Jeff Boksiner at the IDGA SDR conference where he spoke on DOD Instruction 4650.01 issued on Jan 09, 2009 (pdf), which requires new devices to have a Spectrum Supportability Risk Assessment (SSRA) performed at each acquisition milestone (conceptual, experimental, developmental, operational) to determine the impact on all known


Georgia Tech issues CogNEA press release

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(link) Yesterday, Georgia Tech issued a press release announcing their membership in CogNEA.



CrownCom09 submission deadline delayed to March 2

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Via email (and on their site), there


OfCOM Consultation on Cognitive radio

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(link) OfCOM

Cognitive radio in Lynchburg that

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Ok, it


Other White Space News

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Beyond the launching of the database group news below.

(link) White spaces may be coming to Europe.

But the UK is not the only market in Europe, and in less space-restrictive countries it could be practical to utilise white spaces, which explains the White Space Coalition launching a European campaign at the European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations.

Dr. Alexandre Kholod, of the Swiss Federal Office of Communications, told PolicyTracker, after the meeting, that he didn

White Spaces Database Group

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(link) Yesterday, Google et al announced the formation of a group to standardize whitespace database information.

With a goal of bringing the benefits of white spaces to consumers as soon as possible, the Group intends to establish data formats and protocols that are open and non-proprietary and will advocate that database administration be open and non-exclusive.

[somewhat reordered paragraphs] Founding members of the White Spaces Database Group include Comsearch, Dell, Google Inc., HP, Microsoft Corporation, Motorola Inc., and NeuStar.

(link) The Google public policy blog added:

In the coming weeks and months, members of the group will be offering to the Commission their perspectives, and some specific recommendations, about the technical requirements we would like to see adopted for the database. Many of these specifications ultimately will be heavily technical; put simply, we


DTV Transition Update [Updated]

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Following up on the earlier news that Obama wanted to delay the DTV transition, there

CogNEA Update

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Pat Carson from TDK gave a short presentation on CogNEA today at the SDRF CRWG / Secondary Spectrum Test Group joint meeting and said the information was for public consumption, so here


FCC Errata on White Space Rules

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(pdf) (doc) On Friday (9th), the FCC issued a document noting the errors in FCC 08-260A (


Potentially really bad white space news (and a little good) [Updatedx2]

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(pdf) First the good news. Today, the FCC announced that they were starting a white space fellowship program to help

Backlogged Calls for Papers

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While trying to find time to

WordPress issues

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3 times in the last 9 months (the most recent being the last couple weeks), wordpress has died on me (or at least not let me log in) until I hacked its code around some.



UHF Cognitive Networks Alliance (CogNeA)

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I was just emailed a press release announcing the formation of an industry group to define a protocol (PHY / MAC) for white space data networks.

They hope to have a draft standard for comment available in the first half of 2009.

Since I don

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