SCC41 Call for Proposals

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I don’t have a link for this (original reporting on a blog!), but the SCC41 just issued a call for proposals. From an email:

IEEE Standards Coordinating Committee 41 (SCC41) is seeking proposals for standards projects in the areas of dynamic spectrum access, cognitive radio, interference management, coordination of wireless systems, advanced spectrum management, and policy languages for next generation radio systems.  SCC41 is particularly interested in ideas that could be implemented in commercial products in the near to medium term. 

If interested, please submit an abstract of approximately 300-600 words to eydt_bernie@bah.com by 15 November 2007.  The SCC41 Management Board will review submissions and extend invitations to submitters to present their proposals at its Berlin meeting 3-6 December 2007.


FCC to continue white space prototype testing

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On Oct 5, the FCC announced (pdf) that they will continue testing white space prototypes though the details will be released at a later date. This is good news for the white space consortium who had earlier had a failed prototype submitted by Microsoft (though the Phillips prototype apparently passed muster).

 So, non-802.22 cognitive radio may still be coming to a TV band near you in the near future…


SDR Networks Call for Papers

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Software Defined Radio (SDR) Networks was what I was calling called cognitive radio networks before learning of Mitola’s coining of the vastly more superior term cognitive radio (see this 2002 paper).

Along those lines, the IEEE just issued a call for papers for a conference on SDR and cognitive radio networks to be held in San Francisco next summer. Full details are available here.

IEEE Technical Subcommittee on Cognitive Networks

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They now have a website hosted out of USF. Of particular interest is their call for papers page and their links to cognitive standards.