Publications Update

Posted in shameless self-promotion at 4:19 pm by JamesNeel

I’ve been kinda lax about updating the CRT publications page, but as of today there’s four new CRT publications listed.

One is a paper I did with some folks from ETRI which was presented way back at the beginning of October at VTC.

Another is a paper I worked on with Youping Zhao (SSC), Shiwen Mao (VT), and Jeff Reed (CRT, VT) (we’re all Hokies) and submitted yesterday to an IEEE proceedings on cognitive radio.

The final two are documents which CRT contributed to the SDR Forum response to an ITU inquiry on cognitive radio, specifically on coexistence and spectral efficiency. Those will end up getting discussed at the next SDR Forum meeting. I don’t know that those sorts of things are typically published separately like this, but I think the SDR Forum responses will be of interest to the broader cognitive radio community and if you’re not involved in the ITU process or the SDR Forum response, you wouldn’t have access to them for better than a year, if ever, which I think is a real waste. 

I can’t post others’ responses, but if other contributors make their submissions available online, I’ll link to them. And if and when the SDR Forum response gets posted online, I’ll try to link to that as well.

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