E3 Overview

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Sometime ago, I mentioned I didn’t really know what was going on in E3 (End-to-End Efficiency), but today Eric Nicollet gave a briefing.

Goal: Introduce cognitive wireless systems into the beyond 3G world. Does indeed build directly on E2R and follows up. December 2009. Total budget 18.6 million euros (11 million from EU).

Intended outcomes:

  1. Identify Means to increase efficiency of system managemenet and operations
  2. Develop path for gradual non-disruptive evolution of wireless networks
  3. Make an initial design

Really keying on cognitive pilot channel (I’ll have something up on that maybe next week). They dedicated a maybe 3 minutes out of 15 just to CPC with everything else programmatic.

Main use cases: dynamic spectrum access and allocation, distributed RRM, self organizaing networks


I was always disappointed with E2R because it seemed to focus on developing a systems-of-systems model without actually defining / developing the algorithms that would run in the systems. Hopefully, this will change in E3.

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