Open CR positions at CTVR (Ireland)

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CTVR is running a google ad for PhD students and post-docs that links back to this page.


Google Mapping Spectrum Measurements

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Keith just pointed out to me that he’s posted a google map of their earlier spectrum campaign.

Going all web 2.0 for a moment, what I think would be really cool for the CR community is if we could put together a collaborative spectrum sensing google map so all of the varying measurement campaigns could be synthesized together into one usable super database.


Quantifying the Benefits of Cognitive Radio

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Yesterday, the SDR Forum Cognitive Radio Work Group agreed to proceed on our next project – survey the open literature to collect the reported quantifiable benefits of cognitive radio into a single white paper.

We’ll be reviewing papers from cognitive radio conferences, e.g., SDR Forum, DySPAN, CrownCom, workshops – e.g., the Microsoft workshop, the handful of cognitiveradiotextbooks, patents, and selected dissertations to identify algorithms and applications that have quantifiable benefits. For example, my SDRF 07 paper reports a distributed/uncoordinated cognitive RRM algorithm that produces a 16x gain in network capacity for unlicensed systems and Mark McHenry’s survey on spectral availabiltiy that reported that on average 10% of allocated spectrum was actually in use (though this varied significantly by band) implying that the application of DSA has an upper bound of a 10x gain in spectrum access.

We’re currently planning on organizing the results into a white paper broken down by targeted application area (e.g., spectrum management, interoperability) and by layer (e.g., cognitive routing). We think it’ll be useful for anyone getting up to speed on cognitive radio (e.g., those asking “why cognitive radio”), useful for regulators (e.g., we’re planning on using this white paper to update the SDRF ITU response on cognitive radio in May 09), and a useful reference for any cognitive radio researcher.

Since this is such a large undertaking, we’ll take help wherever we can get it. So if you would like to help out with this effort, here’s two ways you could help:

  • Leave a comment to this post that a) gives the citation information for a publication you think is relevant, b) describes the reported benefit, c) gives the application area. We’ll still have to read it ourselves and put the description in a format that flows with the rest of the white paper, but this will ensure we don’t miss the publication.
  • Note: if it’s not in the open literature, we don’t want it.

  • If your comment doesn’t appear immediately, don’t resubmit it. WordPress has a serious spam problem so I have to manually approve comments and I may not get around to reviewing comments until the end of the day. (There’s real work to do!)

  • Actively participate in the project. We have telecons alternate Wednesdays at 11:00 AM Eastern.
  • You (don’t have to be an SDRF member to participate in the project, but membership is required for voting purposes (e.g., when we move the document out of the group).

  • If you are interested and have time to contribute, email me (james DOT neel AT crtwireless DOT com).


Final SDRF and DySPAN Programs Technical Programs online

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(link) DySPAN Program (pdf)

(link) SDRF Program (pdf) (This link may be better for an “at-a-glance” sort of view, though it’s not as complete)