UHF Cognitive Networks Alliance (CogNeA)

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I was just emailed a press release announcing the formation of an industry group to define a protocol (PHY / MAC) for white space data networks.

They hope to have a draft standard for comment available in the first half of 2009.

Since I don’t have an external link, I’ve put the press release below the fold.

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NTIA Spectrum Sharing Testbed Draft Phase I Rules

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The government side of white space spectrum got up and running yesterday with the NTIA issuing a request for comment on their phase I (equipment characterization) draft test plan.

The notice is here (pdf) and the draft test plan is here (pdf).

From what I understand the test-bed participants (Adapt4, Adaptrum, BAE, Motorola, SSC, VT) previously commented and this is more generally open. However, comments are currently due by Dec 30, 2008 which would be a problem for most groups. I think that’ll get pushed back.

An overview of the NTIA testbed effort is here.


Cognitive Radio Activities at SDRF / JSTeF San Diego Jan 09 Meeting

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The agenda for the next SDR Forum meeting has been posted. It’s in San Diego from January 26-30 and will be co-hosted with the JTRS Science and Technology Forum.

The following cognitive radio related activities will go on:

CRWG Meeting

The Cognitive Radio Work Group will be meeting primarily to continue putting together an extensive survey document on quantifiable benefits of cognitive radio for later use in ITU submissions and position papers as well as general evangelization on cognitive radio

White Space Test Group

The White Space Test Group will be meeting primarily to work on use case documents for input to the 802 ECSG on white spaces and for later SDRF development of test specifications for white space devices.

Meta-language for Mobility Work Group

I’m not certain what the MLM group will be doing as they just finished up a use case document (where can meta-languages help supprot cognitive radio). They generally coordinate with 1900.5 and may be working on specifications. (Oddly, I only have so many hours in the day and can’t participate in everything)

Public Safety SIG

While dealing with more general public safety comm / SDR issues, at least some of their meeting time will likely be used to work on their cognitive radio use case document (intended to help identify required technologies / insertion points).

Cognitive Radio JTRS SBIR Briefings

Shared Spectrum and CRT (us) will each give 20-minute briefings on our JTRS-sponsored Phase I SBIRs on cognitive spectrum management.

I’m not certain what they’ll speak on, but I figure it’ll be on policy and DSA. Their open abstract is here.

We’ll talk about distributed non-collaborative spectrum optimization / management of MANETs and what we did in Phase I (our open abstract is here). Besides the big benefits for managing an integrated network, we think our little algorithm suite will be particularly useful for coexistence of white-space devices running incompatible waveforms, so we might touch on that some too.


SDRF White Space Testing Group Starts

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While I’m mentioning cognitive radio groups starting up, the SDRF White Space Testing Group had its first official meeting a couple weeks ago (unofficial meetings had been going on since mid-summer). Right now it’s focused on developing / documenting use cases for white space (beyond “WiFi on Steroids”). This is primarily intended to help develop testing recommendations for white space devices, but will also probably feed into the 802 ECSG on white space mentioned below, which will also be starting with use cases.

The press release announcement is here.

802 study group (ECSG) on white space

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This is last minute, but I just found out.

There’s a 802 study group on white spaces starting up today. The first telecon/ webex is at 1:00 PM Eastern today (Dec 2). More information (where you can also sign up for the listserv) is here.

There will be telecons every two weeks.