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In theory, September should be a less busy month, so I’ll start dropping in notes again. In the meantime here’s some quicklink highlights.

White Space Protocol [Updated]

(link pdf) Called “WhiteFi”, it outlines what I figure is Microsoft’s vision for a WiFi protocol in White Spaces. I assume it will be a candidate when the 802.11 white space initiative gets rolling this November. There’s three main contributions - 1) Channel selection process (traffic weighted); 2) Access Point Discovery (a basic search) 3) Reconnection (via a backup channel)

Update: Having now done more than scan the document, what I liked best was their modeling contribution, specifically the geographic characterization of availability of contiguous channels (almost always 1 in urban areas, lots in rural, but given with more precision), the local variability in channel availability (they cited a Hamming distance of 7 between buildings on campus), the sensitivity of a wireless mic to a single data packet (reduction in MOS by a factor of 0.9). The lack of a dedicated control channel was also a good feature (though not unique).

Regulatory Activities
 (link1, link2, both pdfs, the first is the NOI, the second is an overview presentation) The FCC has issued a Notice of Inquiry on Wireless Innovation and Investment. It’s quite a wide ranging solicitation, looking for information on measuring innovation, making national comparisons and trends, new models for enhancing spectrum access and use, new approaches for interference management and band sharing, as well as technologies and business models that should be considered. The Comment Date is September 28 and the Reply Comment Date is October 12. [Update - a colleague remarked yesterday that he had counted 180 question marks in the inquiry, which should give a good indication of how wide-ranging the inquiry is]

(link1, link2) Bill Lane - the Chief Engineer of the FCC’s Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau has been putting up a series of short articles on communications issues and public safety. It looks like it has been going on for a bit, but it was new to me. The linked articles are on how he sees CR playing into public safety systems.

 Vehicular Networks and CR

(link) A short blog post on CR and vehicular networks. Mostly caught my eye because it referenced Youping’s Radio Environment Map. His dissertation isn’t online, but you can get an overview from this paper.


(link) CR journals / conferences page. Created a page just to track CR journals and conferences. It’s permanently linked on the sidebar. Of course SCC41 has a nice list on their information page too. Not a perfect overlap.

Picking a couple:

(link) WCNC2010 will be held in Sydney April 18-21, 2010. Papers are due September 18. There’s a CR track.

(link pdf)) SDR Forum SATCOM Workshop on SDR and CR There will be a workshop on CR issues in SATCOM at the SDR Forum Technical Conference in December (workshop date is December 3, 2009). The submission date has passed, but if that’s a topic you’re interested in the SATCOM group is working with the CRWG (somewhat - we’re prioritizing finishing off our current project first) to stand up a project on using CR to deconflict terrestrial (WiMAX) systems from SATCOM systems.

Shameless self-promotion

I’ll be giving an overview of the activities of the SDRF Cognitive Radio Work Group to the DSO organized Emerging Spectrum Technology (EST) Brown Bag session on October 21 from 12 to 1. I don’t have a link and I don’t know if it’s open to the public, but I thought I would drum up attendance as best I could. It’s not a classified talk so I’ll probably post slides for interested parties. [Update - Now on the 28th. Of course, the day I post the announcement, I get an email asking to move the talk.]

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