Air Force floods the CR Zone in SBIR/STTR 10.3 Solicitation

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(link) The 10.3 SBIR / STTR topics are out this morning. There are 10 (!) CR related SBIR or STTR topics in the solicitation all from the Air Force (some indirectly through the Office of the Secretary of Defense) I’ve listed them below (hopefully the table posts correctly).

Agency # Title SBIR/STTR Objective
Air Force AF103-070 Airborne Networking: Using Context-Awareness for Better Network Routing and Management SBIR Development of complete prototypes that demonstrate the use of wide-area network states and user intents in a complex and uncertain environment to automatically enhance network routing and management.
Air Force AF103-085 Agile Space Radio (ASR) SBIR Develop agile multiband radios/transceivers that can automatically find and use the most efficient frequencies, modulation waveforms, protocols, etc., for communications satellites.
Air Force AF103-168  Unknown Wireless Network Discovery SBIR Research, develop and evaluate algorithms and methodologies for discovering and characterizing non-cooperative hidden nodes with selfish or malicious intent operating in real world environments. 
Air Force AF103-044  Auto-configuring routers to support dynamically forming networks SBIR Develop a capability for routing entities in an airborne network to automatically optimize configuration and performance and adhere to network policies by selection of appropriate routing protocols
Air Force AF103-048  Network Virtualization SBIR Research and develop virtualization technologies to provide innovative approaches for infinite horizontal network scalability via cloning, replication, expansion, as well as extra “spike-capacity”.
OSD / AF OSD10-AN1 Cross-layer Wireless Networking Architectures and Protocols SBIR Design and assess innovative methods to create cognitive cross-layer wireless networking protocols to achieve autonomous network resiliency in contested RF spectra.
OSD / AF OSD10-AN3  Autonomous Network Management SBIR Provide a technology that automatically determines network status/condition and takes appropriate corrective actions as necessary.
OSD / AF OSD10-AN5  Wireless Autonomic Airborne Infrastructure SBIR Provide an autonomic wireless networking infrastructure that offers near-commercial grade throughput to edge data producers/consumers using thousands of airborne network nodes.
Air Force AF10-BT09  Dynamic Cross-layer Routing Using Cognitive Spectrum Allocation Techniques STTR Design and assess innovative methods to create adaptive cross-layer wireless networking protocols to achieve network resiliency in contested RF spectra
Air Force AF10-BT03 Innovative Approaches to On-Demand Cloud Computing over Ad-Hoc Wireless
STTR Develop techniques, algorithms, protocols and architectures to enable on-demand cloud computing across varied tactical platforms utilizing distributed ad-hoc wireless networks

I remember when we started way back in Aught-seven and it was good when there was a single CR SBIR solicitation across all departments for an entire year. But for this one, we’re in the pleasant position of getting to downselect our responses to the topics we think are the most interesting and make the most sense for the business.

You can also see how I prioritize things over the last two posts: wait a couple months to catch up on proposed spectrum regs,  but read and synthesize SBIR solicitations an hour or so after they’re released.

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