Wireless + Game Theory Contractor Position

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I just got a call from a headhunter looking for someone who could remotely work on a 5-month long project related to wireless and game theory (which I figure means cognitive radio) for 40 hrs / wk. I can’t do it as they want a single person to dedicate 40 hrs / week and I’m already running several concurrent projects. So if you’re interested, drop me a line or a comment and I’ll try to help close the loop.


Open CR positions at CTVR (Ireland)

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CTVR is running a google ad for PhD students and post-docs that links back to this page.


Quick Links (9/13/08)

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(link) CSIRO PhD position on Cognitive Radio in Multi-hop Wireless Networks

(link) AccessNets (Oct 15-19, Las Vegas) will have a panel session on the “Successes of Dynamic Spectrum Management”

(link) The Communication Networks and Services Research Conference has issues a call for papers. Topics include cognitve radio, software radio, ad-hoc networks, Details

  • Dec 5: Submission deadline
  • Feb 9: Acceptance Date
  • May 11-13 Moncton, New Brunswick Conference

(link) Overview of VT’s historical research efforts. Jeff and cognitive radio gets discussed some.


Quick Links

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(link) Keith has posted a list of the groups giving DSA demonstrations at DySPAN this year.

(linkKey folks from MeshNetwork started a business to play Spectrum Middlemen – it’s called SpectrumBridge. (h/t)

(link) The FCC is hiring technical folks (entry level and 2 senior spectrum policy positions).

(link) Valencia is accepting applications for a PhD student interested in researching cognitive radio.


Cognitive Radio Research Positions

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Mikael Skoglund is advertising to hire 3-5 PhD student positions at KTH (that’s where Mitola did his dissertation, though I don’t think Skoglund was on his committee). Applications are due March 1 (so get cracking).