Quick Links 9/17/08

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(link) iTNews (Aussie mag) interviewed Dr Bostian of VT about cognitive radio. Microsoft is also mentioned.

(link) SlashDot also notes the article, where as always, the comments are the most interesting part (particularly if you want a public perspective), e.g.,

“Cognitive radios!?? Oh no you don’t! (Starts adding layers to tin foil hat.)”

(link) The National Cable & Telecommunications Association issued a letter on white space noting potential interference at head ends. They are not arguing against unlicensed white space devices, but would like the following provisions:

  1. Restrict the operation of portable devices to a maximum of 10 mW and prohibit transmissions in the VHF channels given the high probability of direct pickup interference to TV receivers.
  2. Prohibit operations, at a minimum, on channels 2- 4.
  3. Restrict the operation of fixed devices to at least 400 feet from the external walls of residential buildings.
  4. Prohibit operation of fixed devices in VHF channels.
  5. Require spectrum coordination before operation of portable devices on channels adjacent to those being received at headends.

They add:

Of the suggested methods by which fixed and portable devices might automatically determine channel availability, it appears that auto-location (GPS or equivalent), combined with regular access to a reliable database containing geographically-indexed lists of available channels, has the potential to provide the flexibility and reliability required to protect headend reception.


Short Links

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Management of Vertical Handoffs

A news release noting an installation of a cognitive system from In Motion Technology for East Texas Medical Center (ETMC) Regional Healthcare System Emergency Medical Services. Reading into their solution page and technology page, what they’re actually doing is optimizing the choice of network assignment based on link information and performing vertical handoffs. Think normal mobile assisted handoffs (maintain a ranked list of link state information from multiple base stations and switch when some hysteresis threshold is crossed), but not restricted to a single wireless interface.

It’s not what most people would call full-blown cognitive radio, but this is representative of how I think cognitive radio is going to roll out – function by function.

White Space Device Resubmission

Motorola is resubmitting their white space device to the FCC for testing. Not much information in there but it’s interesting to note.

US Navy Video on spectrum

Via Elastic Spectrum, comes this video entitled, “Electromagnetic Spectrum, Critical to our Nation’s Security and Economy.” Beyond the video (kind of an overview), there’s also several nice reference documents linked on the sidebar at the site