Google Mapping Spectrum Measurements

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Keith just pointed out to me that he’s posted a google map of their earlier spectrum campaign.

Going all web 2.0 for a moment, what I think would be really cool for the CR community is if we could put together a collaborative spectrum sensing google map so all of the varying measurement campaigns could be synthesized together into one usable super database.


Block D Auction Update

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According to the WaPo, new rules for Block D have been issued:

Under the new proposal, the network would be auctioned as one national block of radio spectrum or, alternatively, as 58 separate regional airwaves licenses. The agency said that it prefers to sell the spectrum as a whole and that it would give priority to such a bid. But if no one meets the minimum reserve price for the national block, the commission would close the auction with a minimum of half of the 58 regional licenses sold.

To attract bidders in a new auction, Martin said yesterday that the minimum price to bid on the network would drop by nearly half, to $750 million. The deadline to build the network would extend to 15 years from 10 years, and any lease charges from public safety officials would be capped at $5 million a year.


White Space Workshop Panel Session

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Notes below the fold.

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Quick Links 6/5/8

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Wireless Net DesignLine article on the increasing use of interference avoidance techniques in the 2.4 GHz band.

At the same time as VT’s symposium, Microsoft’s Research Symposium on Cognitive Radio is going on over the 5th and 6th. Papers and presentations are supposed to be published online soon.

An overview of Pentagon efforts to address spectrum issues in Signal Magazine online.

The wireless mic community still doesn’t like unlicensed white space devices (link).


Quick Links

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(link) Keith has posted a list of the groups giving DSA demonstrations at DySPAN this year.

(linkKey folks from MeshNetwork started a business to play Spectrum Middlemen – it’s called SpectrumBridge. (h/t)

(link) The FCC is hiring technical folks (entry level and 2 senior spectrum policy positions).

(link) Valencia is accepting applications for a PhD student interested in researching cognitive radio.


FCC Research Papers on Spectrum Management

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Michael Marcus points to a series of papers released by the FCC on management and efficiency tradeoffs between licensed and unlicensed users.

  • Working Paper #41, “Enhancing Spectrum’s Value Via Market-informed Congestion Etiquettes”
  • Working Paper #42, “Modeling the Efficiency of Spectrum Designated to License Use and Unlicensed Operations”
  • Working Paper #43, “A Market-based Approach to Establishing Licensing Rules: Licensed Versus Unlicensed Use of Spectrum”

I’m busy this week, but I might try to give my two cents on the papers next week.


Spectrum Occupancy Measurements

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Emerging Networks has a series of posts reporting results from spectrum occupancy measurement campaigns.

In this entry, they discuss the results of measurements taken during during Keith’s and Tom’s whirlwind tour of America.

In this entry, they report measurements from a drive across Ireland 

Here they report measurements from Dublin.

Finally, in this post they discuss results of a campaign in Dublin performed by Shared Spectrum.