Cognitive Radio Technologies:
Services and Software for Intelligent Wireless Networks
CRT is in the process of developing two software products - a portable distributed
network optimizer and a stand-alone tool for rapidly estimating implementation
metrics for waveforms across a variety of different platforms.

Distributed Network Optimizer (Available Fall 08)
Automatically optimize any network’s resources
post-deployment without sacrificing bandwidth for
control messages. Because of our unique non-
collaborative design, this software scales to
networks of any size and can respond in real-time
to changing environmental conditions. Designed
to be
portable to control any wireless standard,
this is the ideal solution for post-deployment
optimization of campus and enterprise networks,
municipal WiFi networks, femtocells, home
gateways, and sensor nets

Read more about the technology on which this software is based here.
Systems Design Estimator (Available Spring 08)
Do a week’s worth of analysis in five
minutes by simplifying your SDR
systems design process with our
estimator tool. Estimate the cycles
power, and memory requirements when
porting an existing design or beginning a
new design. Identify candidate
processing architectures and partitions.