SDR Forum Smart Radio Challenge

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The winners of the 2007 SDR Form Smart Radio Challenge were just announced at the SDR Forum.

Best paper award: Utah ($1000 scholarship)

Best design: Virginia Tech, MPRG

Winner of problem 1: Virginia Tech, CWT ($2000 cash for “scholarships”)

Winner of problem 2: Penn State ($2000 cash for “scholarships”)

Winner of problem 3: KTH (Absolut) ($2000 cash for “scholarships”)

Grand Prize Winner winner: Virginia Tech CWT ($4000 cash for “scholarships”)

Participating teams (teams had to get past a proposal stage just to compete) were: Utah, SUPELEC (France), Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm), Universiti Putra Malaysia, Penn State, Clemson, Virginia Tech CWT and Virginia Tech MPRG.

The problems and specific participants were as follows.

Problem 1: Clemson, Utah, VT CWT, VT MPRG

Develop a smart radio system that will automatically find available spectrum within a pre-defined band and transmit data over that band with a pre-defined QoS.

Problem 2 Penn State, SUPELEC

Develop a smart radio terminal that can automatically provide interoperability between radios with different modulations, voice, and network protocols, and which knows how to forward messages to the proper network – be it commercial or civil.

Problem 3: KTH (Absolut), Malaysia

Develop a smart radio system that can, using available spectrum, accurately detect the location of many vehicles within the city and assess the velocity along common roadways.  The system will then provide user specific route guidance from starting point to ending point which will minimize total fuel consumption.. The system must be future proof, to allow new features and capabilities to be added over an expected 10-year life span of the vehicle without requiring a visit to the dealer.

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