Cognitive Radio Research at the SDR Forum

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Today is the first of three days of presentations of cognitive radio research at the SDR Forum technical conference (which has a significant focus on cognitive radio – approximately 1/4 of all papers and all keynotes and panel discussions are on cognitive radio. Probably only a matter of time before its the SDR/CR Forum ;)).

Today’s lineup: (Al normally collects presentations and posts them in an SDR drop box; I’ll post a link when it comes available. I’ll also see if I can get permission from the authors to link presentations as the conference proceeds for those not at the conference.)

Session 3.1

K. Enda, R. Kohno (Yokohama) , A Study on the Estimation of Traffic Quantity and MAC Protocol in Radio Wave Environmental Monitoring”

H. Sharma, P. Balamuralidhar, “A Context Interpretation Framework for Cognitive Network Devices” (Tata)

[ed- The use of ontological reasoning for decision making is a pet peeve of mine because I think it’s an unneccessary resource hog. I first saw this documented in Chapt 13 of Fette’s Cognitive Radio Technology where Table 13.1 noted that the complexity to reason in OWL was unbounded as the number of facts in the reasoning database grew. The authors of this paper saw similar effects where drawing a single inference from a fact book consisting of 39 concepts and 29 properties on a Pentium IV took 100 ms.)

M. Kokar, L. Lechowicz. “Composition, Equivalence, and Interoperability: An Example” (Northeastern) (moved to Session 3.4)

Y. Nakao, K. Watanabe, T. Sato, R. Kohno, “A Study on Coexistence of WLAN and WPAN Using a PAN coordinator with an Array Antenna” (Yokohama)

S. Thilakawardana, K. Moessner, “Use of Wavelet Techniques in Spectrum Holes Detection in Opportunistic Radio”

Session 3.2

G. Cafaro, N. Correal, D. Taubenheim, “A 100 MHz – 2.5 GHz CMOS Transceiver in an Experimental Cognitive Radio System”

F. Ge, C. Bostian, “A Wide-band Spectrum Sensing Approach with Agiliy and Low SNR Sensibility” (VT)

P. Amini, E. Azarnasab, S. Akoum, X. Mao, H. Rao, B. Farhang-Boroujeny, “Implementation of a Cognitive Radio Modem” (Utah)

S. Chantaraskul, D. Thilakawardana, K. Moessner, “Genetic Algorithm Approach for the Decision-making Framework in Opportunistic Radio” (Surrey)

K. Kashiki, T. Fujimoto, M. Nhara, “Development of SDR Based Equipment with Channel Monitoring Function for Cognitive Radio”

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