Quick Link Roundup

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Here’s four quick cognitive radio links gleaned from an SDR Forum email.1. Britain’s plan for moving the TV bands. The key graph from my perspective:

Operators will be given flexibility in what they do with the spectrum and by allowing them to decide what services to offer and giving them the freedom to change their use of it over time as technologies and marketplace needs evolve, Ofcom said the release of the digital dividend will help drive tech innovation.

That’s one aspect of the property-rights approach I argued for at this year’s SDR Forum. If that’s coupled with the ability to resell and subdivide, I’ll be a happy man.

2. Google to bid on UK Spectrum? Basically, Google can’t comment because of US regulations (they’re bidding for US spectrum and announcing intent to bid on other spectrum would be considered an attempt to collude), but everyone thinks Google will bid on UK spectrum as well.

3. A report on the potential impact of dynamic spectrum access in Asia. It eventually links back to a market study on DSA which is available for purchase from ABI here.

4. Samsung announces cognitive reception chip? Digging deeper, it’s not so much a cognitive radio as an RFIC for supporting spectrum sensing in the UHF bands. The article also claims that the *circuit* will be adopted as part of the 802.22 standard, but surely this is a reporting error (you don’t standardize circuits, but you could standardize the performance characteristics of that circuit as a minimum performance level). Details are to be published at ISSCC 2008.

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