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The FCC says they’re resuming testing of white space devices.

Testing will begin Jan. 24 on a number of devices, including ones submitted by Microsoft, Motorola and Phillips. FCC chairman Kevin Martin had said earlier in the week that testing would begin by the end of the month.

The FCC commissioners generally agreed that there is a technological solution that will allow the devices to operate in the broadcast band without interfering with digital pictures. Broadcasters are not at all convinced, and they have lobbied hard against the devices, saying that any chance they could interfere with the  DTV transition is too big a chance to take.

That spat between potential white space vendors and broadcasters is captured well in this article.

A “public misinformation campaign” by the National Association of Broadcasters has “confused the testing process” and misled policymakers, the Wireless Innovation Alliance said yesterday in a letter to David Rehr, president of the broadcasters’ association.

Broadcasters such as CBS and ABC oppose the plan, saying the gadgets may freeze the screens of consumers who get digital TV over the air. Sports leagues and Broadway theaters also want the devices banned, saying they may interfere with wireless microphones using the same frequencies.

White-space backers “cannot run and hide from the fact that their own technology utterly failed” FCC tests last year, Dennis Wharton, NAB executive vice president, said in statement.

Here’s the referenced letter (pdf).

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  1. Kurniadi said,

    June 21, 2014 at 1:40 pm

    *shudders*Do you know exactly how hard it is to find a feqruency you can use for wireless mics that doesn’t have RF interference in the middle of downtown on any given day?And worse, someone next door will turn something on between sound check and the really big shew and you’re scrambling live trying to find an open channel by deafening yourself through DJ headphones.Wireless mics have lived in this space for a while and got away with it simply because they were low power. With any luck, this is going to force the audio component companies to tighten up on their end and be more rigorous with their equipment, but OTOH, all that crappy old hardware’s going to have to be replaced.Shed a tear for Dolly. She probably had to have a mic custom built to fit within her bra..