NTIA Spectrum Sharing Testbed

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The NTIA formally issued a Notice of Solicitation of Participation in today’s Federal Register and request for comments on implementation of a Spectrum Sharing Innovation Test-Bed and looking for expressions of interest in participating. Responses are due by Feb 29; the following are key excerpts from the solicitation.

Test-Bed Frequency Band: 410-420 MHz.

Authorization of Test-Bed Operations: FCC Part 5 Experimental Radio Service Rules. 

Limitations on Test-Bed Operations: Frequency and/or geographic limitations may be identified as necessary

Protection of Incumbent Spectrum Users: To address potential interference to incumbent spectrum users the Test-Bed employing DSA equipment will be performed in three phases:

Phase 1 - Equipment Characterization. Equipment employing DSA techniques will be sent to the NTIA Institute for Telecommunication Sciences in Boulder, Colorado and characterization measurements of the DSA capabilities in response to simulated environmental signals will be performed.

Phase 2 - Evaluation of Capabilities. After successful completion of Phase 1, the DSA capabilities of the equipment in the geographic area of the Test-Bed will be evaluated.

Phase 3 - Field Operation Evaluation. After successful completion of Phase 2, the DSA equipment will be permitted to transmit in an actual radio frequency signal environment. An automatic signal logging capability will be used during the operation of the Test-Bed to help resolve interference events if they occur. A point-of-contact will also be established to stop Test-Bed operations if interference is reported.

Planning and Evaluation of Test-Bed: A flexible peer review process open to the public will be employed.\13\ Federal and non-federal users will have an opportunity to participate in the development of test plans, review status reports, and review the final report on the results of the Test-Bed.

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