3 MANET Drafts and an RFC Published

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Speaking of MANETs, the IETF MANET working group published 3 drafts and an RFC. An overview of the publications is given here:

Of the three new Internet Drafts, one is on a neighborhood discovery protocol that allows nodes to discover and work with nodes one and two hops away. A second one is about how to build a packet format capable of carrying multiple messages. A third one, about the Management Information Base, describes a set of tools for configuring and managing routers on a mobile network.

In addition, IETF approved “Jitter Considerations in Mobile ad-Hoc Networks” as a Request for Comment (
RFC 5148). This work suggests ways to randomly vary packet transmission times in order to avoid packet collision. Internet Drafts are submitted to IETF for consideration as standards. Once approved, they become RFCs.

Also, apparently as part of the meeting, there were demos of variations on OLSR (I have no details on exactly what was implemented).

In the context of cognitive radio, view the drafts as new sets of processes that can be leveraged to make observations, distribute information, and control platforms (particularly useful in a cognitive network implementation). The RFC should similarly provide points to make observations and control device operation (transmission timing in particular).

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