Towards a Virtual Cognitive Radio Economy

Posted in shameless self-promotion at 4:05 pm by JamesNeel

That’s the title of an abstract I just submitted to DySPAN08 (you have until the 17th! Tick Tock! Also ignore the DySPAN CFP date, what matters is the submission closing date given by EDAS ). (And no, this wasn’t motivated by the thought of using screencaps from World of Warcraft in a technical presentation. Well ok maybe it was a little. I really do think it’s a good idea.)

Basically, in my preferred vision of the future, all interactions between cognitive radios (not just spectrum access!) would occur within the context of a virtual economy. There’s a number of things that will have to be developed to pull it off (like a well-defined property rights, reputation mechanisms, mechanisms for interfacing with the “real” economy) which will be discussed in the paper along with some basic properties of a virtual cognitive radio economy (broad assurances of stability and convergence with perfect information, extensibility to any new service, automated load balancing, reduced information transfer, simplified movement of information across domains) and some other stuff (like what are the features of a virtual economy?).

Now I’ve got a month to write it. The abstract is below the fold. If there’s things you think I should address, feel free to leave a comment. I’ll also try and post working drafts as I go along in the hopes of getting feedback before I submit the final version. Read the rest of this entry »

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