Wireless @ VT Wireless 2008 Summer School

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Wireless @ Virginia Tech will be hosting its annual “Wireless Summer School” at Virginia Tech from June 4-June 6. Registration fee is $720 with discounts for presenters and W@VT affiliates.

The conference combines a modest paper track with an extensive tutorial track from professors and industry researchers. The majority of the focus is on cognitive and software radio. In addition to a keynote from Joe Mitola III on “The Future of Cognitive Radio” (June 4) and numerous papers and posters on cognitive radio, the following are tutorials pulled from the schedule (pdf) which I think are relevant:

J. Mitola, The Future of Cognitive Radio (June 4 – Keynote)

 Selected June 4 Tutorials 

L. DaSilva & A. MacKenzie, “Cognitive Radios, Cognitive Networks, and Dynamic Spectrum Access”

J. Neel & J. Reed, “Emerging Wireless Standards” (basically a hyper-compressed version of this)

 Selected June 5 Tutorials

B. Farhang-Boroujeny, “Signal Processing Techniques for Spectrum Sensing and Communication in Cognitive Radio Networks”

R. Zekavat, “Wireless Positioning Technologies for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks”

Selected June 6 Tutorials

F. Kragh & C. Dietrich, “Hands-On Introduction to SCA-Based Software Defined Radio (SDR) Education and Research”

S. Kadambe, “Signal Detection and Classification”

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