European – Chinese Cognitive Radio Systems Workshop

Posted in conferences at 12:10 pm by JamesNeel

E3 (End to End Efficiency) is hosting a workshop in Beijing from May 26-27 on “the technical, business, standardization and regulatory impacts of some of the key cognitive radio and cognitive networks solutions developed by the E3 Project”.

Details are pretty scarce on exactly what’ll be covered.


1) This makes for 3 upcoming cognitive radio conferences / workshops in China that I know of.

2)  Although I couldn’t quickly find a confirmation, the strong overlap in membership between E3 and E2R makes me think that E3 is a continuation of E2R.

3) If I’m right about 2, I would expect the workshop to have a heavy emphasis on systems integration with much less emphasis on technical / algorithmic content. Possibly an extended discussion of the cognitive pilot channel concept (put out beacon devices who broadcast information relevant to the area with the goal of simplifying the design of end-products)

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