EDN Article on White Space

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is here. I note that Google and I are on the same page.

For the TV broadcasters, Google suggested that white-space devices be required to incorporate both Internet access and  some type of geo-location technology, such as GPS. That way, the devices could check an online database, maintained either by the FCC or a third party, of licensed users of the spectrum at a particular location at a particular time.

My rationale: There’s no need to bite off the whole enchilada in one go. We can quickly get someting up and running and demonstrate feasibility / build confidence for the concept of secondary spectrum use. Later we can begin deploying ad-hoc networks as the technology matures.

Note that in an ad-hoc network of limited size, if at least one device has net access and geolocation capability (caveat being there’s many many more ways to do geolocation than just GPS), then we can still have networks of mostly cheap radios.

I would also note that there should be two different sets of regulations here, one for when the CR knows its location (higher power) and one when the CR does not know its location (lower power).

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