Block D NPRM

Posted in 700 MHz at 9:45 am by JamesNeel

The FCC has issued an Notice of Proposed Rule Making to revise the operation of Block D (pdf).

The key sentence for me:

First, we seek comment on whether it remains in the public interest to require a public/private partnership between the nationwide D Block licensee and the Public Safety Broadband Licensee for the purpose of creating a nationwide, interoperable broadband network for both commercial and public safety network services.

A lot of the other key issues for which they are also seeking comments (negotiating rates, setting auction price, network sharing agreement) becomes inconsequential if instead of looking to create a two-headed monster the Feds create a single government sponsored enterprise chartered to serve the joint mission.

The FCC is also considering just abandoning the public safety communications provisioning requirement, which I think would be a mistake.

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