White space news / quick links (July 10, 2008)

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Since, procrastinating on starting my paper reviews = blogging, here’s some random white space links / news:

KU issued a press release on their white space testbed here. I didn’t see anything technically useful in the press release which just says the testbed shows that white space devices will not interfere with DTV reception, but there’s no details on the setup. Poking around the KU website, I did find this white paper (pdf) from May 2007, which has some measurement data from that testbed to backup a claim that adjacent channels could be used. But that seems a bit dated.

(link) Sports stadiums have offered their facilities for live testing of white space devices this fall.

(no link – first-hand reporting!) It looks like the SDR Forum (SDRF) will be spinning up a project to develop an analytic model for mobile white space devices. There’s supposed to be an initial phone call in late July to organize the project and based on other discussions, I believe this activity will be run out of the SDRF cognitive radio working group (CRWG) beginning in August.

If it is indeed hosted out of the CRWG, we’re pretty liberal about accepting contributions from non-SDRF members, so even if you’re not in the SDRF, you can participate (though bylaws say you can’t vote nor could you hold a leadership position). 

I’ll post more information about this after the late July phone call.

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