Site notes July 23, 2008

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Or hey, why doesn’t my link to post x work anymore?

Short version: Upgraded to wordpress 2.6. Old permalinks to posts with a date format are broken, everything else should be fine (links are there, just a different format for the url).

Long version: Noticed that yahoo (the host) wasn’t automatically upgrading wordpress as they were supposed to and there was some weird stuff showing up in search engine crawls (background). So I used the wordpress widget to automatically upgrade the site and virtually everything broke. After a bunch of manual php and sql editing, I think everything is back to its quasi-normal state, except for the permalinks whose format I had to change. The permalinks will appear normal if you’re clicking through from this site, but old external links will be broken because of the format change.

(This is apparently not an uncommon problem, nor one I could find a fix for. So if you know of a fix for permalinks and yahoo hosted wordpress 2.6, leave a comment. FYI, as a “feature” yahoo eats the .htaccess file whose editing wordpress suggests for other hosts.)

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